Energy Saving Tips For Businesses

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Energy saving is one of the easiest ways for your business to cut down costs. From upgrading the lighting to keeping track of consumption, HJEC can help your company save on electricity. So, how can your business improve on energy consumption?

LED Lighting

A perfect solution for efficient energy saving for a commercial company is to get LED bulbs. 

HJEC electrical contractors specialise in commercial lighting and can help with high bay, low bay, spots and strip lighting. 

LEDs use up to 80% less power than traditional bulbs, making them more efficient when it comes to consumption. Over time, this will make substantial savings on utility bills

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Lighting Efficiency Tips

Energy Saving With Solar Panels

Installing solar panels has many benefits for a business. The power produced is clean and it reduces the need for harmful emissions in other alternates of generating power. Not only does this reduce damage to the atmosphere, but the PV system can also cut down costs in the long run. 

Generating independent electricity enables a business to rely less on the grid. Moreover, a business is more active in the day, so it can efficiently utilise the power created by sunlight. 

It is also possible that any electricity that isn’t used can be sold on, so no energy is wasted.

AC/DC Circuit Monitoring

Energy saving for a business couldn’t be easier with branch circuit monitoring. The technology encompasses a centralised system that observes electricity, gas, water and environmental conditions. The N-Gen software visualises reports into a simple dashboard, so you know exactly what energy the company consumes. Limits can be outlined and alerts are triggered when levels get too high.

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From LED lighting to branch circuit monitoring, our NICEIC approved contractors can help your business with energy saving. We can assist on a range of solutions, so your company can reduce its carbon footprint and cut down on bills. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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