The Difference Between Commercial & Domestic Electricians

a commercial electrician at work

Commercial and domestic electricians will likely require the same kind of qualifications and experience. Yet, neither of them do the same job. Whether you own a business or a home, here’s a straightforward look into the world of electrical contractors, to help you understand the difference between industry and skillsets.

Differences: Types Of Electrician

Commercial Electricians: For Your Business

Commercial electricians carry out work in various settings such as shops, offices and other large premises. They generally tend to install big circuitry systems, carry out maintenance and ensure consistent safety and regulatory protocols.

Domestic Electricians: For Your Home

Domestic electricians are dedicated to ensuring all residential living spaces they work on are safe and functional. This type of electrical contractor will handle installations, repairs and upgrades, whilst making sure everything is up to regulatory code.

Similarities: Skills & Education

Electricians, whether they work on business or residential projects, require similar training. They need specific qualifications to do their job right, ensuring they’re equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques. These qualifications usually start with an apprenticeship or a level 3 diploma in electrical installations. However, there is also a large amount of on-the-job experience and licensing involved with both commercial and domestic electrical work, to ensure the contractor is fully competent.

Safety & Regulatory Standards For Commercial & Domestic Electricians

One of the big differences between commercial and domestic electricians is the safety and regulatory standards involved with each type of work. Of course, it’s essential that both are safe and secure. However, for commercial business premises, certain areas of health and safety are crucial. Generally speaking, a commercial business will have employees and members of the public, so safety features need to be completely thorough and foolproof.

This is not to say the same can’t be said for domestic professionals. Both types of electrical contractor will be required to ensure their work is high quality, safe and fully functional at all times.

Get In Touch With HJEC Electrical Contracting For Commercial & Domestic Electricians

Choosing the right electrician matters. With our understanding of both business and residential needs, we’re your go-to for reliable electrical contractors. If you need to discuss a project or book a consultation, give us a call today.

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