What Grants Can You Get For Electric Vehicles In The UK?

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If you’re looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle, you might be able to get some money off your purchase. This is because the government has a target to end the sale of all new vehicles that run on petrol and diesel by 2030. To support the cause, there’s a number of schemes that can help you to save a little bit of cash on your new EV.

Low-Emission Vehicles Plug-In Grant

Before June 2022, the government offered funding towards the sale of all electric vehicles with a value of up to £32,000. Since that scheme ended, the funding is only available to a small number of vehicles. These include wheelchair accessible vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds, vans, trucks and taxis. The discount is applied by the seller, so you won’t need to apply for this reduction if you’re buying an eligible EV.

Electric Vehicles Charging Point Installation Grant

Electric vehicles have become a lot more desirable and affordable in recent years. However, the EV charging point is an additional expense. Thankfully, the UK government are offering up to 75% off funding towards the cost of charge points in domestic properties.

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Landlord Electric Vehicles Charging Point Grant

If you rent a property and want to buy an electric vehicle, it may be worth discussing this with your landlord. Landlords are offered a grant by the government to encourage them to make this investment. They can get several grants per year, so if they manage a number of properties they can benefit from this many times. There’s also an EV infrastructure grant to support any building work that may be required to accommodate an EV charger. This could result in your landlord getting up to £30,000 off the cost of the work for each property!

Workplace Charging Scheme

Companies that choose to get a commercial EV charger installation can benefit from the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). This is a voucher that gives businesses some help with the up-front costs. There is a list of businesses that are eligible for this funding, and it includes charities and public sector organisations.

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On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme

This scheme allows local authorities to get some money off the installation of on-street residential chargepoints. The scheme is intended to encourage more areas in the UK to adopt electric vehicles. More available chargers means more people in the area will be likely to consider an EV.

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