How A Commercial EV Charger Can Attract More Footfall To Your Business

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The electric vehicle revolution is coming. With a target to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, now is the time to look ahead to a future where all vehicles run on electricity. A big player in meeting this target will be the availability of charging points. As more businesses begin to see the benefits, more commercial EV charger points will start to appear. Here’s why we think they’re a great addition to any of South Wales’s thriving businesses.

Future-Proof Your Business With A Commercial EV Charger

We know that as electric vehicles become the new normal, more and more people will need access to chargers. Take the lead now by offering them in your commercial space today. As the deadline draws closer and closer, commercial EV charger installations will become more in demand. This means that you may need to wait longer for an installation if you leave it too close to the deadline.

Commercial EV Charger Installations Attract New Customers

If your business is in an area where there aren’t many available charging points, you’ll stand out from the crowd. When electric vehicle owners search for somewhere to top up their power, they’ll be directed straight to your business. Most people are likely to leave their vehicles to charge while they browse nearby shops. Depending on the nature of your business, it may be worth stocking a selection of drinks and snacks for these customers to purchase.

Two young women charging an electric vehicle on a commercial property
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Support Your Staff

Many people are keen to make their next vehicle an electric one. By fitting a commercial EV charger to your business, you’ll be supporting them in this endeavour. This could attract more employees as many people look for work in businesses that make an effort to be sustainable. If you’re considering installing some chargers for your business, there’s a government scheme that will allow you to get up to 75% of the costs back if you meet their criteria.

Profit From Your Commercial EV Charger

If you’re allowing customers to use your charging points, this can become an additional source of income. Selling electricity via your commercial EV chargers is a great way to boost your business’ profits. Each charge point you install has the potential to earn around £200 in profit per year.

For Commercial EV Charger Installations, Call HJEC Electrical Contractors

Our team of electrical contractors can install an EV charging point for your business. We offer single-phase and 3-phase charge points, and carry out our services in all commercial settings. No matter whether you need your installation in a small forecourt or a large car park, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to discuss our services.

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