AC/DC Circuit Monitoring

Our electrical contractors are highly skilled in installing AC/DC circuit monitoring. With the MPL Technology Group Ltd, we offer an all-purpose approach to energy management and multi-circuit power. This is an industrial energy meter. It can accurately monitor utilities such as electricity, water, gas and environmental conditions. The technology offers a complete overview of a property’s energy consumption.

Accurate Monitoring

One of the many benefits of AC/DC circuit monitoring is industry leading accuracy. Users can outline thresholds for utilities, then get alerted once this has been exceeded. As well as reporting levels such as temperature and humidity, the system also displays voltage, current, kVA, kW, kWh and PF. The technology allows for easy management of capacity as it has class 0.5 accuracy. Moreover, being aware of accurate currents and receiving alerts can reduce the risks of overload. The system allows for improved operational efficiency and better energy savings in commercial and industrial settings.

The Benefits Of AC/DC Circuit Monitoring

  • Real-time reporting
  • Power and energy parameters for network and individual loads
  • Fully supported warranty program
  • Scalable for legacy systems
  • Full circuit protection via MCBs (miniature circuit breakers)
  • Alerts for user-defined limits
  • Industry leading accuracy – class 0.5 for global measurement chain
  • Full audit trails
  • Carbon reporting
  • Voltage and current displays
  • Tailored configurations
  • Ability to monitor on third party devices
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Option to combine all utilities, including electricity, gas and water
  • Date range for business reports

Visual Reports With AC/DC Circuit Monitoring

N-GEN software provides real-time and past reporting of the observed levels. The platform allows for accurate measurements, so businesses can stay aware of energy consumption. If you’re looking for simple power management, then N-Gen visualises the reports through summary dashboards. The centralised system makes it simple to discover what is being monitored and analysed.

Ready To Run Enclosures

AC/DC circuit monitoring couldn’t be easier with MPL’s enclosures. The box utilises a voltage acquisition module and multiple current acquisition modules to measure consumption. It is complete with a range of sensors to measure load currents.

Contact Us Today For AC/DC Circuit Monitoring

If you are interested in or have any questions about energy management, then get in touch with our expert team now. We provide quality electrical solutions for businesses across South Wales, so you can ensure the highest of standards with our professional contractors.

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